Sunday, 30 December 2012

Gelicious hybrid gel nail colour

Hello! Today I've decided to do a review on gelicious nail colour.
I had always wanted a nail polish that would set quickly, and last a long time, mainly because I like to paint my nails in the evening and am sick to death of waking up in the morning to find my polish is covered in sheet marks! So I did a search online to see if I could find a brand of gel polish available in New Zealand. Gelicious is what I came up with.

The polish is made in Australia, but they do free post on orders over $100.
I got the UV led lamp, top coat and a couple of nail colours.
According to instructions you apply two thin coats of colour to clean nails, with each coat taking 1 minute to set under the lamp. Then you apply one coat of ultra glaze top coat and set with the lamp for 2 minutes. To remove,soak fingers in 80% acetone for ten minutes and it should just flake off.

So far I have tried this product three times on my fingers, once on my toes, and once on my sisters fingers.
My first manicure in 'to help' ( pale pink) lasted a long time, I think at least ten days, which is a very long time for me! I did find I needed three coats of colour for it to be opaque though. Below is a picture of it right before I removed it ( the other hand still looked perfect).

I have had 'lights out' on both my fingers and toes. It wasn't as shiny and sparkly as I had hoped, the glitter was more of a shimmer. It is easy to put onto toes but hard to take off as you need to soak your toes in acetone for 10 minutes!

'Beachy peachy coral' was a lot more pink Than I thought it would be, but the colour got a lot of compliments, so I won't complain :)

I tried 'bubblegum yum' on my sister. It is a pretty pale purple ( not at all fluoro as the brochure claims). This colour was a lot more opaque and only needed the two coats of colour.

Overall I like this brand, the only downsides are the smelly top coat, the length of removal time, and if you apply the polish incorrectly it can all peel off. At the moment I think there are 45 colours to choose from, I can't wait for them to make some more!

To order go to

Friday, 28 December 2012

OPI Teenage Dream

It's my first blog post! It was hard to know where to start, as I have quite a large number of colours to get through, so I figure I'll start with what I'm wearing now, OPI Teenage dream!

Teenage dream is part of the Katy Perry collection. It is a glitter polish, with super fine pale pink glitter and medium size round holographic glitter in a sheer rose pink base.

This is such a beautiful polish, very girlie and fun.
In the photo I have one coat of teenage dream layered over one coat of OPI sweetheart. It would probably go opaque on its own, but I prefer to keep it at one coat as I find glitter polishes tend to peel if they are applied to thick.
I love the way it sparkles with very little light.
The glitter was easy to apply resulting in an even coverage with one coat. No bald patches or problems with getting a good mix of glitter on the nail.